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Audi Roadside Assistance in Greater Vancouver

Audi Roadside Assistance in Greater Vancouver

audi richmond roadside assistance in greater vancouver


The Audi 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program is a 24-hour program one of the most comprehensive owner privileges Audi offers. For immediate assistance anywhere in Canada or the United States, call 24-Hour Roadside Assistance toll-free: 1-800-411-9988.


Audi Roadside Assistance includes the following services:


audi richmond road side assistance


In the event of a disablement or collision, towing to the nearest authorized Audi dealership, authorized service facility or your preferred authorized Audi dealership within 50 km.


Battery Jump Start

A service operator will be dispatched to provide a jump start. If your Audi vehicle can’t be driven safely, towing services will be provided.


Flat Tire Change

If your vehicle has a flat tire, a service operator will attempt to remove it and install a spare tire. If your vehicle came equipped with TMS (Tire Mobility System), the service operator will attempt to seal and inflate the tire. If you do not have a properly inflated spare tire or if the spare is not safely operable, Towing Service will be provided. The mounting or dismounting of a special traction device, such as chains, or the cost of repairing the flat tire isn’t covered under the Program.


Emergency Fuel Service

If you run out of fuel (gas), an emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to get you on your way. Both the delivery service and the emergency supply of fuel are complimentary. For TDI owners who have run of diesel fuel, towing will be provided to the nearest authorized Audi dealership, or an authorized Audi dealership of your choice, provided they are within 50 km of where your vehicle is being towed.


Lock-Out Service

If your keys are locked inside your Audi, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance will assist in helping you get back into your vehicle and retrieve your keys. However, you are solely responsible for any loss or damage resulting from this entry attempt. If access into your vehicle is unsuccessful, it will be towed to the nearest authorized Audi dealership to gain entry.


Extrication Service

If your vehicle is disabled in any ditch, mud, sand or snow, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance will cover the cost of extricating your vehicle, provided it has become disabled in an area immediately adjacent to a regularly travelled road, which can be serviced with standard automobile servicing equipment.


Audi Assist

If you are located in close proximity to an Audi Dealership who is participating in the Audi Service light service program, an Audi Assist service vehicle may be dispatched directly from the Audi dealership for jump starts, tire changes, fuel delivery, and other minor repairs.


If you have any questions about Audi Roadside Assistance, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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