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Audi Roadside Assistance in Greater Vancouver

  The Audi 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program is a 24-hour program one of the most comprehensive owner privileges Audi offers. For immediate assistance anywhere in Canada or the United States, call 24-Hour Roadside Assistance toll-free: 1-800-411-9988.   Audi Roadside Assistance includes the following services:   Towing In the event of a disablement or collision, towing […]

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Audi e-tron GT Concept: Coming Late 2020

  The future has never looked so good with the show-stopping performance of the Audi e-tron GT Concept, which is expected to be in production in late 2020.   The Audi e-tron GT will come with 590 horsepower to ensure the performance fits an ultra dynamic sports car. The torque is transferred to the wheels […]

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All-New 2020 Audi Q3 Review: Everything You Need To Know About The New Audi SUV

  The wait is over. The all-new 2020 Audi Q3 is finally here.   More freedom with standard quattro all-wheel drive, more connectivity with available wireless Apple Carplay and more personalization with vibrant exterior and interior colours. This is your invitation to join the Q.   Here’s everything you need to know inside out about […]

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Tags: 2020 Audi Q3 , Advanced TFSI Engine , Quattro All-Wheel Drive

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Audi Debuts The Audi RS Q8: Packed With 591 Horsepower and 590 lb-ft Of Torque

  Audi has debuted the new Audi RS Q8 during Audi Sport's 25th anniversary year.   The Audi performance-minded mid-size SUV coupe is packed with 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque - a complete powertrain for those who love performance and power.   The Audi RS Q8 combines a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 with an […]

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Tags: 2020 Audi RS Q8 , 591 Horsepower , 590 lb-ft Of Torque

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Lease or Finance An Audi? What’s The Best Option?

  This depends on several factors such as the number of kilometres you drive each year, whether you want to gain ownership of an Audi vehicle, or if you want to drive a new Audi when you term ends.   Here’s an overview of the pros of leasing versus leasing an Audi:   Benefits of […]

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