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We understand. We’ve heard the call ourselves, so do we ever understand. When you get a new car, especially one as sophisticated as the Audi, you want to get under that hood and really make it yours. If there is one impulse the people here at Audi Richmond really grasp it is that. The only thing we can offer is an opportunity to use top of the line, OEM, quality parts for your repairs, replacements, and customizations. We sell exactly that right here in our Parts Department and we are ready to help you find whatever you need. Remember, not all part vendors are created equal and it is important to us that your Audi experience matches your Audi vehicle, and that both are treating you right from beginning to end.

Fortunately, that’s not all we offer here in the Parts Department. We have been helping people build, rebuild, and make Audis their own for decades now and there is nothing we haven’t seen before in the department. If you are uncertain about undertaking a project, or you just have questions about the best way to go about something, do not hesitate to ask us for advice, tips, or strategies for how to proceed. That is what we are here for, and it is bar none our favourite part of the job. We hear you. “What if you don’t have a part I need?” Well, not to fear because we have access to a vast library of parts at our fingertips. All you have to do is ask. No matter what kind of project you are starting, just let us know exactly what you need and we will have it brought to the shop just for you. Give us a call, come on in, or click around on this very website to find our ordering page. With just a little bit of information, you will be well on your way to getting back under that hood and giving your vehicle the attention it deserves. Come and see us today to get started!