Why Service at Audi Richmond

Award-winning Audi Service

The Audi Richmond service team has a collection of over 15 Audi national trophies, which our team has won since 2016 in Audi Technical and Service competitions. We were also awarded the prestigious #1 Team Audi award from Audi Canada for excellence in sales, service and parts, and overall customer satisfaction.

When you trust your vehicle with us, you can expect to receive this same level of award-winning service.

Your Audi has been designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. So, when it comes to servicing your luxury vehicle, why would you trust your Audi to anyone but the very best?

Our expert advisors and factory-trained technicians are here to take care of your Audi every step of the way. Our goal is to make your service experience with us the best it can possibly be.

Audi Richmond benefits:

  • Service in multiple languages
  • Complimentary car wash with every service visit
  • In-store Wi-Fi, Business Pods, coffee, tea and newspapers
  • Easy online or text message appointment booking + text message service status updates
  • Competitive tire pricing (we do the comparisons for you!)
  • Full vehicle service history and access to Audi updates/recalls
  • Audi Genuine Parts, Accessories and Boutique items
  • On-site glass repair by our factory-trained technicians
  • Park, Service & Fly (Gateway Valet @ Vancouver YVR airport)
  • Audi Sport and Audi Executive owner perks like our exclusive Door-To-Door pick-up service
  • Courtesy vehicles available (subject to availability)
  • Courtesy 2-way shuttle service within Richmond

Audi Maintenance Checklist

  • Engine: Change oil and replace filter
  • Exterior lighting: Front and rear lights, headlights, turn signals, cornering lights, and hazard warning lights: Check
  • Service interval display: Reset
  • Tire pressure monitoring system: Calibrate to correct tire pressure settings
  • Tire pressure: Check LF________ RF________ LR ________ RR ________ Spare ________
  • Tire repair kit: Check for damage and prior use: Tire Filler Bottle expiration date:__________
  • Tires: Check condition and wear pattern LF________ RF________ LR ________ RR ________ Spare ________
  • Windshield wiper/washer system: Check
  • Windshield: Visually inspect for damage
  • Brake pads: Check thickness and brake disc condition (inner & outer). Look for contact pattern and corrosion of brake discs (front and rear)
  • Visually inspect for damage and excessive play: Underbody, ball joints, wheel bearings, drive axles, coupling rods, tie rod ends, and stabilizer bar rubber bushings
  • Instrument cluster – Check warning and indicator lights
  • Automatic headlight control: Check (if equipped)
  • Body interior and exterior: Visually inspect for corrosion
  • Brake fluid: Change
  • Brake system: Visually inspect for leaks, damage and presence of bleeder caps
  • Coolant level and frost protection: Check
  • Dust and pollen filter: Replace
  • Exhaust system: Inspect for leaks and damage
  • Horn: Check
  • Interior lighting: Glove box lights, cigarette lighter/power outlets, luggage compartment, and all warning lights: Check
  • Ribbed belt: Check condition
  • Tires: Rotate front to rear *only if required
  • Underbody: Visually inspect underbody protection, underbody trim panels, wire routing, and plugs for damage
  • Wiper blades: Bring into service position and check for damage
  • Convertible Top – Lubricate latch mechanism (A5/S5/RS 5 Cabriolet only)
  • Engine, Transmission, Final drive, Steering – Visual inspection (from below) for leaks and damage
  • First aid kit – Check and enter expiration date YYYY / MM _________
  • Front and rear axle suspension components – Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends; check for excessive play
  • Headlights – Visually check adjustment
  • Hood safety catch – Lubricate (A3, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q7, and R8 only)
  • Lubricate door hinges and check straps
  • Panoramic sunroof systems – Check function (if equipped) (All except A8)
  • Panoramic sunroof systems – Clean guide rails and lubricate with grease according to description in ElsaPro (if equipped)
  • Plenum chamber and water drain valves: Check for dirt. (A6, A7, A8 and Q7 only)
NOTE: Time spent cleaning of item is a separate charge for service time
  • Road Test: Check engine performance, clutch, manual/auto transmission, steering, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning, handling, and parking brake
  • Rollover protection – Check the rollover protection when the convertible top is open (R8 Spyder and A3 Cabriolet only)
  • Spoiler – Lubricate rear spoiler (A7, S7, RS 7, and TT only)
  • Sunroof systems – Check function (if equipped)
  • Warning triangle – Check if present (if equipped)
  • Air filter element and snow screen: Replace element and clean screen and housing
  • Spark plugs: Replace
  • Front lid latch – Lubricate (R8, R8 Spyder only)
  • Fuel tank flap system – Check the water drain (R8, R8 Spyder only)
  • Oil filler area – Check water drain (R8, R8 Spyder only)
  • Air filter element and snow screen: Replace element and clean screen and housing
  • Spark plugs: Replace