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Mark Warsaba
General Manager
604 279 9663

Mark has a long history with the Audi brand and loves to share stories about his past experiences. He is well connected to all parts of our business and fiercely passionate about delivering an excellent customer experience to every client. His favourite part of the job is getting to work with a great team whose desire and drive is to do whatever it takes to create a meaningful difference for our clients. Outside of work, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys all aspects of the North Shore mountains including mountain biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, trail running and of course getting out with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Moose! Mark has been a proud member of the team since 2018.
Favourite restaurant: Anything on Skip the Dishes!

Speaks English

Tony Bishouty
General Sales Manager
604 279 9663

Tony manages our sales team and ensures every client gets the VIP experience that we strive for every day. He enjoys meeting new clients and loves seeing past clients return to purchase another Audi. He also has a passion for cooking and loves to BBQ for friends and family. Tony has been a proud member of the team since 2008.
Favourite restaurant: Black+Blue (Vancouver, BC)

Speaks English

Darrell Northcott
Sales Manager
604 279 9663

Speaks English

Jackie Huang
Sales Manager
604 279 9663

Tom Chung
Assistant Sales Manager
604 279 9663

Tom is passionate about providing our clients the very best service, and he loves to be a part of the excitement when clients get to explore a new Audi model. When he is not working he enjoys outdoor activities like golf and basketball, as well as strategy games like poker. Tom has been a proud member of the team since 2017.

Favourite restaurant: Zakkushi (Vancouver, BC)

Speaks English, Cantonese

David Yang
Loyalty Portfolio Specialist
604 279 9663

Dylan Hanna
Audi Sport Brand Specialist
778 867 0237

Dylan is your trusted source for information about our Audi Sport vehicles and will help guide you through the process of finding or building the Audi of your dreams. His passion for the newest Audi Sport lineup comes from growing up working on German automobiles, and his love of the legendary Audi models from Group B rally racing that defined Audi Sport and created quattro all-wheel drive. When he's not working, you'll find him netminding at the hockey rink, or snowboarding on one of our local mountains.

Speaks English

Aelred Fung
Brand Specialist
604 603 4888

Speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Hiroshi Onose
Brand Specialist
778 322 7115

What is your greatest dream or hope?  To continue being as happy as I am right now!
If you were given three wishes, what would they be?  For my family to continue to be happy and healthy.  To have no regrets (to do what I want to do!) and to always be surrounded by good people.
What do you know now, but wish you knew then?  That life is full of possibilities.
What is one of your favourite quotes?  Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
Speaks English, Japanese

Jerry Chi
Brand Specialist
778 320 2229

  • What is your greatest hope or dream?  To establish my own media and film company.
  • What are some of your hobbies?  Running and Chinese Martial Arts.
  • If you were given three wishes, what would they be?  To be happy, healthy and have all of my family members life a long and happy life.
  • What is one fear you're proud to have overcome?  Coming to Canada alone.
  • What is your favourite quote?  I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

Wilson Mei
Brand Specialist
778 861 4868

What is your dream vehicle?  Audi RS7
What is your biggest pet peeve?  Having to repeat the same thing over and over again
What is the first thing you ever purchased with your own money?  Candy!
  • What phrase do you use the most?  "Great!"
  • What is one of your favourite quotes? "Life is short, enjoy it!"
  • If you had a theme song that played whenever you walk into a room, what would it be?  Top of the World
Speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese

George Lu
Brand Specialist
778 829 9589

George is a people person who loves to help new clients find an Audi that fits their lifestyle and budget. His favourite part of the job is watching the excitement on his clients' faces as they drive away in their dream car. When he's not at work you'll find him travelling or planning his next trip. George has been a proud member of Cowell Auto Group since 2020.
Favourite restaurant: Kappou Karin (Kobe, Japan)

Speaks English, Mandarin

Jerry Guo
Brand Specialist
778 584 0026

Jerry has a passion for automobiles and for helping our customers get into the car of their dreams. He is knowledgeable about the Audi brand and eager to show his clients the latest features and technology in the new Audi models. Outside of work he enjoys playing basketball and attending car meets to talk to fellow enthusiasts. Jerry has been a proud member of the team since 2019.
Favourite restaurant: Happy Day Restaurant (Richmond, BC)

Speaks English, Mandarin

Eric Chen
Brand Specialist
778 869 2052

Speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Yi Guo
Brand Specialist

David Tran
Brand Specialist
778 378 7920

Speaks English, Vietnamese

Ken Bai
Brand Specialist

Gurpaul Malhi
Brand Specialist

Speaks English

Yaeko Oka
Sales Admin

Elery Herrera
Product Delivery Specialist
604 279 9663

Speaks English, Tagalog, Fukien

Vivian Chi
Lead Receptionist

  • What is your dream vehicle? An Audi TT
  • What is your greatest dream or hope?  To open a bed and breakfast with my best friends.
  • If you were given three wishes, what would they be?  Youth, Wealth and Health.
  • What are three things that no one knows about you?  I love horror movies and spicy food, and I love dogs.
  • If you could learn how to do anything, what would it be?  To be a pilot.



Saba Naderi
Group Finance Director

Jerry Zeng
Finance Manager
778 323 4567

Speaks English, Mandarin

Anna Kim
Finance Manager
604 279 9663

Michelle Louie
Finance Manager
604 279 9663



Ann Sit
Service Manager
604 279 9663

Ann was born in Vietnam and raised in Richmond. She loves shopping and has the clothes to prove it.

Cameron Leclerc
Senior Service Advisor
604 279 9663

Cameron has been with Audi for almost a year and always has a smile on his face.

Speaks English

Eric Wang
Senior Service Advisor
604 279 9663

Speaks English, Mandarin

Jeff Tortyna
Audi Sport Advisor
604 279 9663

Jeffery is a factory trained Audi technician and avid hockey player and traveler.

Speaks English

Tharsan Shanmugadhas
Service Advisor
604 279 9663

Ryan Lee
Service Advisor
604 279 9663

Speaks English, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Amanda Chung
Appointment Coordinator
604 279 9663

Zoe Feng
Appointment Coordinator
604 279 9663



Chris Hall
Parts Manager
604 279 9663

Chris is from Durham City, England. He is a distance runner and avid hiker. A lifelong Sunderland supporter (Haway the lads!). Chris has been part of the team since 2007

Cory Smart
Parts Advisor
604 279 9663

Cory a huge hockey, football and soccer fan (Go Canucks!, Go Seahawks!, Go Man Utd!) Cory has been with the team for over 6 years.

Speaks English

Kris Brown
Parts Advisor
604 279 9663

Kris a classic car fan and has been part of the team since 1998.

Michael Chiu
Parts Advisor
604 279 9663

Michael is an import car fan and has a cat named Cheeto. He has been part of the team since 2009.

Speaks English

Cindy Iveson



Steffen Gruegel
Shop Foreman

Steffen likes extreme sports, moved to Canada in 2005 and is our electrical specialist.

Colin Pawson
Shop Foreman

Colin is an outdoor enthusiast that loves mountain biking second only to his family.

Jason Lu

Tristan Copp

Ivan Balilo

James Lim

David Hwang

David enjoys family life and watching his young daughter grow up.

BK Kim

Daniel Lou

Dan emigrated from Taiwan in 1988. In his spare time, Dan likes to spend it with his family.

Miko Arinduque

Kevin Mang
Apprentice Technician

Kolay April
Apprentice Technician

Will Chan
Apprentice Technician

Colin Lee
Apprentice Technician

David Wang
Apprentice Technician

Mark Setterstrom
Service Apprentice

John Sinay Siblag
Service Apprentice

Jordan Ching
Shop Assistant

Dylan Lin
Shop Assistant